Martins Silver

Welcome to an increasing number of items that we stock, so please vist our shop pages regularly.  Hopefully soon we will offer you full on-line shopping, however in the meantime if you have interest in any item please contact us with our contacts page.

Minature Chalice

Omar Ramsden

London 1927

£ 1975


Rose Quartz Pill Box


Levi and Salaman


Brimingham 1911


£ 245




Sorry Sold

Archibald Knox Design

Silver & Enamel Napkin Ring

William Hair Hassler

Brimingham 1905

Styalised Tulip Spoon

Ramsden & Carr

London 1905

£ 600

Sorry Sold

 Napkin Ring

Omar Ramsden

London 1927

Tudor Rose Spoon

Ramsden & Carr

London 1911

£ 650

Tea Caddy

A. E. Jones

Birmingham 1919

£ 595

Sorry Sold

Falcon Works Sugar Bowl

H G Murphy

Falcon Mark

London 1929

Hexangonal Pin Dish

Omar Ramsden

London 1927

£ 895

Tudor Rose Platters

Child & Child Makers Mark

London 1888